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Green building

The latest Trends in Green Building

Green Trends is dedicated to spotlighting the latest and most innovative green building practices and news from across the state of Florida.
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Florida is unique!

The climate, landscape and proximity to the ocean create a challenging environment for development. Sustainable development is more important than ever as we deal with increased natural disasters, sea level rise and rapid population growth.

Green Membership

A website of the Florida Green Building Coalition, Green Trends celebrates the accomplishments of our members. Our membership is a diverse collection of governments, developers, builders, realtors, architects, and others dedicated to improving Florida’s built environment.

Green Organization

The Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) is a nonprofit 501(C)3 Florida corporation dedicated to improving the built environment. Our mission is to lead and promote sustainability with environmental, economic, and social benefits through regional education and certification programs.

Green Qualification

FGBC was conceived and founded in the belief that green building programs will be most successful if there are clear and meaningful principles on which "green" qualification and marketing are based. We are a membership-based organization governed by a Board of Directors and corporate officers who are elected by the general membership.

Green Future

The FGBC is continually finding new and innovative ways to educate builders, developers, local governments, and consumers about how to achieve a healthier, more environmentally sustainable future.

About us

The Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) is a nonprofit Florida corporation dedicated to improving the built environment. Our mission is "to provide a statewide green building program that defines, promotes, and encourages sustainable efforts with environmental and economic benefits.

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